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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stomping puffball mushrooms

One of my favorite summer memories is taking a walk in the woods stomping on a puffball mushrooms full of spores. Poof! Poof! Poof!

Puffballs come in many sizes, some as small as a marble and some as large as a basketball. The name "puffball" refers to three genera of fungi, Calvatia, Calbovista, and Lycoperdon.

Puffballs start out as white, round, ball-shaped mushrooms attached to the ground with little or no apparent stem. As the fungi matures, it turns brown and spores mature within a sac, unlike other mushrooms that have a cap with spores within gills on the underside of the cap.

When the puffball spores are ready to disperse a little hole usually develops on surface of the ball. The spores escape when hit by rain, animals or hmmm…by some “other” means.

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Crafty Fox said...

How did you managed to get the shot in the exact moment that it burst?