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Friday, August 2, 2013

Let nature nurture: Fun kid and family activities

Experience the Great Outdoors

Birds vs. Humans Challenge
Birds have many special adaptations to help them live their lives. Some birds can fly long distances; some can dive deep into the ocean while others can run really fast. How would you match up with birds in a challenge? Compare your best to the best that birds have to offer.

Whooping Crane Oragami (PDF)
Download this guide so that you can turn an ordinary piece of paper into a beautiful piece of Japanese art that resembles an endangered species of bird.

Download this free set of puzzles, including word search, solve-the-blank, and a bird-friendly maze.

Draw A Bird 
To try some color-by-number birds from Wild Birds Unlimited

Window Warning
Though birds are excellent at darting through the air, windows can be confusing and dangerous for them. Here's a way you can help your birds steer clear of crashing into your windows.

Edible bird feeders
One of my favorite crafts is a pinecone dipped in birdseed.

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