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Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo Share: Christmas hawk

Season's Greetings. In September I sent you a photo of a young bunny eared cardinal that you helped me identify.

Here is a pair of pictures I took in my back yard yesterday. I live in a small subdivision and I thought it was surprising to see a hawk in such close proximity to houses.

A Christmas hawk to be sure but do you know which kind it is? I looked at your past postings and it looks a bit like a Cooper's hawk.

Thank you for submitting more great pictures! Did you notice the neck bulge? After a hawk finishes a big meal their crop bulges. The crop is a pouch halfway between the mouth and the stomach, where food is stored and released gradually to the stomach. The crop maintains the steady flow of food needed to sustain these big birds so it may not hunt again for a day or two.

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