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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Use Weather Guards to keep the rain off bird feeders

With spring comes the rains which is good to help wake the Earth up from its winter nap but bad for seed in the feeder. To protect bird seed from getting wet (or worse, moldy!) Wild Birds Unlimited has a variety weather guards available for a variety of bird feeders.

This year our most popular squirrel proof feeder, the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus has also come out with a weather guard you can add to your feeder. It keeps your seed dry and the birds protected from bad weather!

And my second secret weapon against soggy seed is Feeder Fresh which is available at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing, MI. 
This is a desiccant that I stir into the seed to absorb the moisture. I use it most often during humid weather and during the rainy spring and fall. 
It absorbs excess water, is safe for birds, and made from non-toxic absorbent sand. Feeder Fresh keeps the seed in the feeder dry which prevents molds from forming.

Once the Feeder Fresh absorbs its own weight in water it will discontinue absorbing, and be identical to the silica grit. I recommend this product made in the USA very highly.

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