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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bird ID decals for the window

Have you seen the Birds iView Window Clings? These individually die-cut window clings help you quickly identify backyard birds. They are easy to apply and remove. You simply peel the backing from the decal and place it on your window, refrigerator or wall.

These decals won’t leave a residue and they can be rearranged easily. No need to search for your field guide to identify your backyard birds. Just glance at the decals on your viewing window.

This collection of window clings includes 31 eastern backyard birds, detailed illustrations, and names all on one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet - each bird decal is approximately 2"-3" in size. On the back of the sheet is each bird's favorite food and feeder type which will help you learn how to attract new species.

Window clings can also protect birds because they make the windows more visible for the birds and reduce collisions.

Birds iView Window Clings make a great gift for any occasion. Friends and family of every age will have fun identifying and attracting new birds to the yard.

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