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Monday, May 5, 2014

How long it takes for chickadees to leave a nest

Have a cpl of chickadees nesting in an old woodpecker hole in a fruit tree, The tree is badly diseased due to neglect and is destined for chainsaw. My question is, do the chickadees abandon the nest after the young learn to fly??   If so, how long a period am I looking at?

Black-capped Chickadees start building nests in March and April in mid-Michigan. The female builds the nest alone, as well as incubating the eggs exclusively, but the male brings food to the female. Once a clutch of about 7 eggs are laid, she will incubate them for two weeks until they hatch. Both parents feed and care for the chicks until they fledge in another two weeks.

So you are looking at little over a month’s occupancy. Once they leave the nest, cover the hole so no other birds will use the nest. The chickadees continue to be feed the babies two to four weeks after fledging but don’t spend their nights in the old nest. During this time they give their kids a basic training course in surviving on their own. Then the parents could return to the tree to start second clutch.
You could put up a Chickadee bird house on a pole or neighboring tree for them to use once their tree comes down. Chickadees are very good bug eaters and make good neighbors.

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