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Friday, May 16, 2014

Photo Share: American Robin Babies!

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would send you a few updated pictures.  As you can see there are three chicks.  The fourth egg never developed.  They are a week old.

I have tried to help the busy mama and daddy feed the little chicks.  I have to be honest, when I watch them feed the chicks it makes me so nervous.  The chick that gets their mouth up first, gets the worms.  I find myself talking to the computer screen and saying, “No, you need to feed the chick on the left!!!”  So…I’ve been putting out a dish of live mealworms about three teaspoons twice a day.   It took them about a day to notice them but now they disappear very quickly. 

Last evening, I actually saw the mama picking them out and feeding the chicks with them.  Thanks Sara for the suggestion! 

Another interesting tidbit, I finally figured out last night.  Before I open the door, I always look through the side panel windows to see if daddy is close by.  I haven’t been able to figure out when I don’t see him, how all of a sudden he swoops in, lands on the top step and starts talking to me just when I’m about to open the door.  Well, I saw him perched at the top of our pine tree which is located out by the street.  He sits in that tree and watches the front of our house.  When he sees me in the windows, he comes flying in to let me know that I shouldn’t be by his babies!  It’s pretty cute, he really lets me have it!

The chicks are getting bigger every day.  Yesterday, when the mama was sitting on the nest, I saw the chicks peeking their heads out and jostling her around.  Pretty soon there isn’t going to be enough room for everyone!

That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. Kim
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