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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Photo Share: American Robin Nesting in Front Door Wreath

Daddy protecting the nest while
mama was off having some alone time.
I thought you might be interested in our new house guests. While Mark and I were in Florida, a mama Robin selected our front door wreath to build her nest.

Mark discovered it Friday morning, April 25, when he opened the front door to get the newspaper.  I think Mark and the mama Robin almost had heart failure!!

I’m sure mama Robin was not expecting and was shocked to have the front door open and I know Mark definitely wasn’t expecting a bird to go shooting out of the wreath!
Mama sitting on the nest with her four eggs.

I on the other hand was totally thrilled about the discovery!!  Mark and I worked endlessly to get the webcam set up to witness our little family’s growth.

This morning, Wednesday, May 7, Mark discovered our first born house guest.
Mama Robin was off the nest, probably carrying the shell away

Unfortunately, I had to go to work but came home mid-day to check on the progress of our baby chick.  I was able to capture a couple of pictures.   In the second one the chick was obviously expecting and waiting for something to eat.
Taken right after the mama flew off the nest.
Daddy arrives to feed the chick.
My story is that the mama went looking for daddy…it was time for him to start contributing to this little brood they had created.

I’m no expert in chick feeding but I’m sort of wondering how daddy thinks that new born chick is going to eat that huge worm!!  In the end, I saw daddy eating the majority of the worm and then flew off.  I’m very curious to see if he continues to feed this way or changes his line of thinking!  Every day after today should bring another hatched chick.  Will keep you updated with our progress!

We have two chick now!

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