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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tips on feeding mealworms to birds

Hi Sarah, We wanted to share our bluebirds with you again this year we have 5 eggs so far. Love this time of year with all the activity. We think it’s the same pair from last year they come for the worms when I whistle just like last year. They didn’t seem to have to learn and allow me to be very close for the pictures. The male even comes up to the patio at supper time to remind me he wants his supper. Really neat :) Thought you would enjoy! - Holly

Hello, Thank you for the lovely photos! Do you have any tips on how to get bluebirds to a feeder? I'm asked all the time. Can you explain a little bit on what you did to start feeding mealworms? – Sarah

Hi Sarah, Sure, I read about it online last year. We have that little feeder right by the bluebird house we got at your store (I know that isn’t always wise with predation but I never feed them without standing there until they’re done). I get a little grossed out by the worms so I don’t handle them, I pour them in a little colander and shake the wheat bran out until there’s just worms & I pour them into the feeder). Every time I go out to feed them I whistle the same whistle so it sounds the same, they learn to recognize the whistle and associate the sound with the mealworms. I also read some people use bells or whatever just so it’s the same sound each time. I started to feed them once they started claiming the box. I go out the same time every day in the morning and evening after supper as soon as I go out the door I start whistling and they come flying in.

The male this year follows me outside when I’m working in the yard, he must associate me with the worms. Like I mentioned, he comes while we are eating supper on deck now. They are very intelligent!  Hope that helps. – Holly

Thank you Holly for sharing your photos and advice!

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