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Monday, June 2, 2014

Bathing is important daily event for most birds

Although puddles form after a hard rain, reliable pools are rare and birds will travel great distances to visit baths. A bird bath is an artificial "puddle" created with a water-filled basin for birds to bathe, cool off, and drink.

A dependable supply of fresh, clean water is attractive to most birds and will even attract birds that don’t visit your feeders. It is such an ingrained behavior that you can observe newly fledged birds making the motions on land. 
Tips for choosing a bird bath
Depth – I like a bath with a gradual dip to the middle no deeper than 2”. If your bath is any deeper, it’s nice to place a stone in the middle for the birds to make an easy escape.
Size – Baths can be any size. I have a very shallow tiny bath staked near the ground that the cardinal and goldfinches frequent and a large bath a little father away that the robins and doves prefer.
Appearance/MaterialWild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing stores have a variety of bird bath styles from glass, ceramic, metal and plastic.  As long as the water is fresh and the birds feel safe, all the baths will attract birds.
Location – In nature water is usually found on the ground or perhaps pooled in the leaves of a plant after a rain. Birds will come to the water at any level, so place the bath where you can see it easily to enjoy the birds.
How to keep my birdbath clean
First it is good to change your water frequently and scrub the bath with a good brush. There are also two different products available at Wild Birds Unlimited to help maintain the quality of the water. The first is a liquid you add each time you change the water or there is a tablet you leave in the water for a month.
Birdbath Cleaning Brush This 8" brush is well suited for cleaning birdbaths, as well as for many other household uses. It has stiff, tough polypropylene bristles that will do the job well, and features a comfortable molded poly handle.

Bird Bath Protector is a bio-enzymatic product specially formulated for birdbaths. Prevents organic contaminants from forming including white scale deposits, iron, copper and hard water stains. It helps to prevent the buildup of stains and mineral deposits on the birdbath surfaces, while it also keeps water clear and free from the organic debris that can make the water cloudy.

Healthy Ponds Birdbath Dispenser treats birdbaths up to 7 gallons. Place a floating plastic dispenser in the every 30 days.

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