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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

White baby red squirrels

Pale leucistic baby red squirrel
Pied leucistic baby red squirrel. She has a bright white star on her forehead.
Baby learning what is edible
We had a couple unusual visitors at the East Lansing Wild Birds Unlimited store this week. A momma Red Squirrel brought two of her kids up to feed on pincones right outside my window. Not that strange except her offspring were white. One was a pale cream with white patches and one was so pale she was almost white.

They were quite healthy and caught on quickly how to consume pine cones efficiently. Their coloration is from a condition known as Leucism, or reduced pigmentation.
Regular red squirrel eating pine cone
Right now scientist describe two kinds of Leucistic animals, pale and pied. Pale leucistic animals will have the same markings, but extremely pale. Pied Leucistic animals have patches of white. Leucism is relatively unusual but much more common than albino animals which are completely white with pink eyes.

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Try to get these twins moving in the same direction!