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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby goldfinches spread their wings (but don't always go very far)

A Birdy with a yellow bill hopped upon my windowsill. Very exciting! BJ watches the bird. Sage is there too but she doesn't show. - Lansing, MI

If you've ever wondered why the goldfinches go through so much Nyjer® (thistle) in the fall, it may be because you are lucky enough to see the parents bringing their babies to your feeder. Goldfinches don't mate in the Spring like most birds - they begin nesting at the end of Summer, and raise their babies through the end of October. So for every two American Goldfinches you may have had at your Feeders during the Spring and early Summer, you probably now have another four hungry babies tagging along.

Weather has turned chilly fast this year, so along with learning how to find food and water, they also have to find their way in this wide world. It's common for baby finches just learning how to fly to bump into windows or find perches in unusual spots.

I'm glad your bird watchers are indoors. Thank you for sharing your observations.

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