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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blue Jay fun

I have a lot of Bluejays in my back yard and I feed them in the winter and summer, I know that they love peanuts. Do you have a good feeder?
A lot of good birds are attracted to nuts!
Bright and bold, blue jays often travel in noisy family groups in late summer and fall. Their discovery of good feeding sight is announced to the whole community of birds. They also are very good at giving early warnings of hawk, cats, or other predators in the area.

At my feeder their first choice would be seed cylinders packed with pecans or peanuts in the shell. These are both foods with high protein and high fat to provide your birds with the critical nutrition they need to survive bad weather.

To prepare for winter weather, jays will collect nuts with their shells still on and cache or hide them up to 2.5 miles from their original source and retrieve them when needed.

The peanut wreaths and tray feeders serve the whole peanuts. It is best to fill them when you’re there to watch because a party of blue jays can empty a feeder in less than an hour. But boy, during that hour it’s like watching a blue tornado.

The blue jays usually send out scouts to alert the band when food is available. One benefit of all that noisy calling is that it alerts other birds too, that there is food in the area.

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