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Friday, January 16, 2015

Photo Share: Tribute to Squirrels

Squirrels are well known for their theft of “bird” seed to hoard for winter feeding. While frustrating to bird watchers, these cute little characters serve a higher purpose of spreading seeds. In fact squirrels are considered extremely important to the initial growth of forests in much of America.

But they don’t just depend on their hoard of buried acorns. If they’re running low on food, or have a need for a little sweet, quick energy, they can harvest maple syrup directly from trees. A simple scoring on the maple’s tree trunk with their teeth, lets the sap leak. A traditional tale of the Iroquois people suggests maple syrup was first discovered when a young boy saw a squirrel lick a tree.
Photo via Wikipedia Commons
A squirrel’s value was so important to the people in Longview, Washington that in 1963, the city council authorized the construction of a 4” wide squirrel bridge twenty feet over a busy road to help squirrels get from an office courtyard to the park safely. Nutty Narrows turned out to be just the first of 4 squirrel sky-bridges built in the town that is now the squirrel-lovers’ capital of America. It even has its own live webcam feed.

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