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Sunday, February 8, 2015

#GBBC Northern Cardinals in Michigan

Get to know your birds before the Great Backyard Birdcount (#GBBC)

A red bird that is common on Christmas cards, the male Northern Cardinal is recognized easily by most people. Except for a black mask and throat, the male cardinals are red all over including their bill. The females are less recognizable. They are shaped like the male but are a duller grey brown color and have only warm red accents on the tips of their crest, wings and bill.

The Cardinals stay in Michigan year-round and don’t migrate but can expand their range while foraging for food. Older previously mated pairs will join flocks of about four to twenty birds depending on the area, time of year, weather, and available resources.  Young cardinals don’t have a set territory and can join different flocks away from their natal territory in search of food and possible mates for spring.

Cardinals prefer to feed on the ground so if you can "raise the ground" by feeding cardinals on tray feeders, hopper feeders or any feeder that gives them a comfortable feeding position they'll be happy. Their favorite food is oil sunflower, nuts, safflower and fruit. Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide variety of cardinal friendly feeders.

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