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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Song Sparrow overwinters in Michigan

Hi, Sarah! I thought you might enjoy these pics of my year 'round resident Song Sparrow. He/it was here last year as well. This year there is a misarranged feather, so I know it's the same bird every time. I've never seen him actually on the feeder; he hangs out with the Juncos underneath. What I've observed is that, rather than hopping around and grabbing seed as they do, he seems to prefer to settle into a depression, and scratch and eat his way out of it backwards. - Lynn
The Song Sparrow lives up to its name, being one of the most persistent singers throughout the spring and summer. The scientific name Melodia means "melody" in Greek. Click here to hear the song.

In recent decades, mild winters and an abundance of backyard bird feeders have enticed an increasing number of Song Sparrows to overwinter in Michigan. Black oil sunflower seeds, millet, safflower, peanuts and peanut butter suet are some of the most popular foods that attract Song Sparrows to tray or ground bird feeders. You’ll also see them along with juncos scratching for grass seeds or insects in leaf litter and pine needles.  

Thank you Lynn for sharing your photos and observations!

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