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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Best oriole bird feeders

Baltimore Orioles arrive at their mid-Michigan breeding grounds near the end of April. They are orange and black birds that enjoy a variety of foods. At the feeders they enjoy suet, nuts, mealworms, nectar, grape jelly, or fruit (oranges, grapes, apples).

Wild Birds Unlimited has lots of oriole feeders:

WBU Oriole 3-in-1 Feeder
My favorite is the unique saucer shaped feeder that offers three ways to attract orioles with nectar, oranges, and jelly.

Recycled Oriole Feeder
The second most popular feeder is the Poly-lumber feeder made from recycled milk jugs. It has lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade, stainless steel screws, thick, heavy-duty acrylic roof to allow Orioles to see the food and protects it from rain, and two removable cups to hold grape jelly (Orioles’ favorite jelly flavor) and two pegs for orange halves. The cups also may be used to feed mealworms, peanuts, chopped fruit, suet nuggets, and a variety of other foods. 

Spiral Three Cup Feeder
This is a versatile three-cup feeder with a durable a powder coat finish. You can use the cups for orange halves, chopped fruit, nuts, mealworms, jelly and more.

Ring Dish
When looking for inexpensive but unique dish feeder, keep this ring design in mind. Versatile enough to fill with an orange, mealworms, jelly, and so much more, this piece fits anywhere and is sure to please the eye. But why just have one dish. You can hook two feeders together or three or as many as you want to build the feeding station that fits your needs!

It's SO good - You'll want to have "Breakfast with the birds!" 
BirdBerry Jelly is a human grade product that emphasizes quality. This is an all natural product with no preservatives. BirdBerry Jelly has no sweeteners and has low sugar levels which is better for birds. The unique grape & blackberry flavor attracts orioles and other birds and keeps them wanting this product "with its unique flavor".

Durable and functional 20.5 ounce squeezable jar makes refilling feeders fast and easy with no mess or waste!

Made in the USABirdBerry is made of grape juice, concorde grapes, blackberries and pure all natural granular sugar. Compare to normal grocery store labels and you'll see that BirdBerry is higher in quality - that's better for the birds. Made in the USA.

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