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Friday, April 10, 2015

How birds handle the high winds

Migrating birds can be blown in your yard for a pit stop and then ride out on the next good wind. Last night’s wind brought in a few new birds this morning.

I have a new flock of female juncos on their way north stop to scratch around under the feeder and dance in the bushes. And I saw my first Chipping Sparrow of the year. The Chipping Sparrow is a very tiny, clean, crisp, energetic, sparrow about five inches long and weighing only a half ounce. It has a chestnut cap and a white stripe above the eye, and a black stripe through the eye. This one might continue his journey north with the juncos but I hope he sticks around to nest in my yard.

The stronger the winds, the more energy the bird expends in flying. When the high winds hit like they did yesterday in mid-Michigan, a bird can exhaust itself fighting the turbulence. But they can't afford to stop on every windy day or they would starve to death.

These are the days your feeders may be empty for long periods of time and then covered in birds when there is a little break in the weather. 

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