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Monday, May 18, 2015

Why there is a dip in the numbers of birds in your yard

Where did the birds go? I was filling the feeder every day and now it seems like the birds have left me. - Haslett, MI

It’s not unusual to have birds disappear from your feeders for a time. After a long migration or harsh winter, birds are hungry and appreciated an easy meal to rebuild their energy. Feeders are very welcome in the spring when natural resources are scarce. However a lot more food sources soon became available. That doesn't mean you should stop feeding. Studies have shown that birds with access to feeders during nesting season have more success than birds without access to feeders.

Once birds settle down, claim a territory and begin nesting, activity at the feeders will drop until the birds bring their new babies up to visit. Then look out for a frenzy of activity as busy momma and papas try to teach their kids to feed themselves at the feeders.

You may again see a dip as birds take their youngsters away from the natal territory for their survival training course. But don’t worry, this is when you may see babies from other yards coming to the feeders.

The birds are very happy right now. Thankfully it looks like the cold weather is finally going to leave us for a while. The rains and now the warm weather brings a lot of bugs, a favorite food for many growing families. And vegetarians like the American Goldfinches are also enjoying soft spring leaves as well as a plethora of dandelion and grass seeds.
But, don’t forget to keep your feeders clean to keep your birds healthy. And provide an area with a birdbath. Water is a powerful attractor and will increase the number and variety of birds coming to your yard. In fact parent birds will often bring babies to the bird bath as their first road trip.
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