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Monday, June 8, 2015

Where to place a bird bath

We all need water and the migrant bird species that I saw take break at my baths earlier this spring were amazing! Adequate fluid replacement is important for endurance athletes. So it makes sense that the first thing migrating birds look for is water.

I have several baths and a pond at my suburban home. Some are low to the ground, some are tall, some are shallow, and some are deeper. It’s fun to watch which bath different bird species will choose.

And I can’t wait for more babies to show up! Many of our local mid-Michigan birds are feeding young and if you’ve bird watched long enough, you’ve noticed that often the first place parent birds bring their babies is to the bath.

I like to place them in a shady spot so the water won't get too hot. It is also nice if there is a tree or bush close by for them to step out and preen. I recommend having at least a couple baths in your yard for the birds and for your bird watching entertainment!

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