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Friday, July 3, 2015

Photo Share: Brown-headed Cowbird

Horses seem to appreciate their appetites.

They might be fly-by-night (hey, is that where the expression came from?) parents, but I thought you might want to post some pictures of Cowbirds sometime. Personally I don't think they're so bad. They're sheer murder on the small-bug population. Good reflexes, too -- so far never seen one stepped on or inhaled. 
Got a laugh out of these guys once I realized that they were all focused upward on bugs -- probably blackflies.

I thought this hen was cute, making a leap for something undoubtedly edible.
Thank you Lynn for sharing your photos and observations! If anyone else would like to share a photograph of nature send it to bloubird@gmail.com and I'll put it on the Friday Photo posts.

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