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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why birds visit the feeders so much in the summer

What birdwatchers can look forward to in the summer

As we head into summer we will start to see some subtle changes in bird behaviors. In the early part of spring, the dawn chorus of bird song was so loud it woke me up every morning, but it will no longer be my alarm clock as July continues.

Some species will begin to show signs of restlessness in anticipation of long journeys ahead. Birds will start to ramp up their visits to the feeder to get high fat, high protein foods to prepare for their annual feather molt and to get in shape. This is one of the busiest times at the feeder. Many babies are either returning with their parents after their survival crash course or setting out to find new territories away from their natal home based on the species of bird.

Hummingbird activity will multiply as the birds are no longer tied to their nest and will wander widely and the numbers of southbound hummers increase. Various woodpecker species, wrens, bluebirds, cardinals, jays and others will bring their recently fledged young to feeders, especially if suet or a seed blend with peanuts is offered like our #1 No-Mess Blend.

Goldfinch numbers at the feeders will also increase in July. Not because they are done nesting but because they are just beginning to nest. So keep your WBU finch feeder filled with fresh Nyjer® (thistle) seed to welcome the American Goldfinch to your backyard refuge. They will also come to feast on the sunflower seed in the No-mess blend.

It's a joy to see a flock of goldfinches raining down to the feeder or dancing in the flowers in search of seeds. And the happiest sound in the late summer is the call of baby goldfinches!

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BYBirdBlog said...

A female Black Bear has limited my feeding of birds in the spring/summer.