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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Best hummingbird window feeder

I have so many hummers this month I want to bring some up to my kitchen window. Is this a good idea? Do you still have window hummingbird feeders?

Wild Birds Unlimited has a variety of window feeders year-round. I like the Jewel Box by Aspects. The bright red cover attracts the birds. Once there, the HighView perch invites them to rest comfortably as they drink from any of three feeding ports while also offering you an unobstructed view of the birds.
  • The number one rule in hanging any feeder is to place it where you can watch the birds comfortably. I feed to watch these winged wonders up close. 
  • Since hummingbirds find food by sight, the second rule is to hang the feeder where they will be able to see it as they fly over your yard. A new feeder may be found sooner if hung near a flower garden or hanging flower basket.
  • The height of the feeder is less important. Hummingbirds feed from the flowers on the ground and from the tops of flowering trees or climbing vines.
  • Part sun or shade is the best place for nectar feeders. The nectar lasts longer in the shade.
  • In hot weather you should clean your feeder at least twice a week so it won't spoil.
  • Make sure your nectar is fresh and the correct one part white sugar to four parts water solution.
In Michigan you can leave hummingbird feeders out from mid-April to the end of October. Migrating birds follow their own schedule usually, based on the weather.

Late summer and early fall is the best opportunity to see hummingbirds. Adult hummingbirds are now joined by juveniles at the feeders before they head south to Central America and their winter territories, traveling thousands of miles.

It's estimated that more than seven million Ruby-throated Hummingbirds return to the tropics each winter. As they make their way south, hummingbirds will take part in an eating binge that is unmatched at any other time of the year. A high-calorie diet is important to build fat reserves for their long stretches of flying. So be sure to have your hummingbird feeders ready.

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