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Monday, August 3, 2015

Flash of yellow bird in the garden

American goldfinches are granivores, eating mainly seeds. In the wild they look for grass seeds, thistle, and other low-growing herbaceous seeds.You will also see them perch on weak stemmed flowers like cosmos, ride them to the ground as they eat seeds and then let them bounce back up when their done.

Flowers that form a seed head like cosmos, black-eyed-susans or Coneflowers draw finches to your yard. And if you keep your feeders clean and full of fresh seed, your yard will have the best curb appeal. At the feeders Goldfinches like to eat fresh, dry Nyjer® (thistle) and sunflower seeds.

Goldfinches nest in late summer and early fall. This is when you will see a dramatic increase in the number of finches in your yard, so keep those feeders full. It's a joy to see a flock of goldfinches raining down to the feeder or dancing in the flowers in search of seeds. And the happiest sound in the late summer is the call of baby goldfinches!
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