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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Irradiated bird food

Is your bird food irradiated? We just put a bird feeder on a shepard's crook in our flower bed and now it is full of weeds.

Our food isn't irradiated but I do have some solutions to help avoid your messy scenario and turn your birds into tidier dinner guests:
  1.  Avoid using bargain seed blends. They often contain large amounts of cereal grain fillers like red Milo and wheat, seeds that birds don't like to eat and most of which ends up on the ground.
  2. Use a tray. Any remaining spillage can be kept from falling to the ground by placing a tray beneath the feeder.
  3. Offer no mess seed. You can also offer a seed out of the hull such as sunflower chips, or a blend of seeds out of the hulls such as Wild Birds Unlimited No-Mess Blend. Hulled foods leave much less mess and debris below feeders and are especially well suited for use around patios and decks.
  4. Use suet or seed cylinder feeders. Quality suet isn't messy and seed cylinders on a Wild Birds Unlimited Dinner Bell feeder can make tidy feeders. (See photo above)
  5.  Sterilize Seed – You can use heat to prevent seeds from growing. In a conventional oven, spread seed out on a flat baking sheet and cook for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. Sterilizing your seed will not alter the attractiveness of the seed for your birds.
Come in to Wild Birds Unlimited today to choose from a variety of feeders and bird food to make your bird feeding hobby fun and hassle free.

Source: WBU Nature News

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