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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Photo Share: White-winged Crossbills

Photo of White-wing in gum tree by Paul Hurtado
Ted Black from the field guide Birds of Michigan writes: The White-winged Crossbill's well-designed mandibles combine function with artistry. The Red Crossbill is the only other bird in North America with this unique overlapping bill adapted for prying open pine cones.

The presence of a foraging group of White-winged Corssbills high in a spruce tree creates an unforgettable shower of conifer cones and crackling and chatter. 

In mid-Michigan, the population in the winter depends on how well the seed crop is in Canada. Look for them from October to March at the tippy top of spruce, fir, tamarack, and gum trees.

When not foraging for seeds, White-winged Crossbills often drop to the ground to drink from shallow forest pools or lick salt from winter roads. Unfortunately this roadside activity often results in crossbill fatalities.

Adult males tend to be red or pinkish in color, and females green or yellow, but there is much variation.

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