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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Buying pet birds

This time of year we receive a lot of inquiries about buying birds as pets. If you are thinking about getting a bird as a gift, keep in mind that pet birds are complicated, intelligent, social creatures that require special care, maintenance and commitment.

Wild Birds Unlimited doesn't sell any birds. But we do sell the best bird feeders and the best bird food in mid-Michigan. If you come in we can help you set up the best outdoor bird feeding station to attract a wide variety of bright and beautiful birds to your yard. We also have bird houses for cavity nesting birds.

And if you forget to fill the feeder, don’t worry wild birds can find their own food. One of the easiest feeders to give you a flying start in basic bird feeding is the seed cylinder. I can tell you that Seed Cylinder feeders are undemanding. They are easy to clean, easy to fill, leave very little mess and attract a wide variety of birds. The feeders are popular with beginners and for people like me who have been feeding birds for over 40 years. They also makes great gifts and it is a nice way to introduce someone to feeding birds.

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