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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Unique stocking stuffer ideas

Have You Been Searching For That Special Unique Gift?

Last year the “Good Luck” mini totes were so popular we ran out! So this year along with that traditional tote, I’ve also brought in the “Special Occasion” and “Santa’s Reindeer” totes. These small 4 inch totes are filled with a tiny bag of birdseed, perfect to slip over a doorknob as a decoration or stuffed in a stocking as a gift.

The original has a wren on the front with the quote that reads: "It is a Scandinavian Tradition to feed the birds on Christmas Day to ensure Good Luck in the year ahead. Spread birdseed on your doorstep Christmas morning for Luck in the New Year."
This year’s Everyday Bird Seed Gift Bag is perfect for any Special Occasions. It has a sparrow on the front with a quote that reads: "Birds have long been a symbol of good luck and protection. So on your Special Day to ensure good fortune in the year ahead, spread birdseed on your doorstep for luck in the coming year.
And then we have a cute little girl kissing a reindeer with a quote on back reads: "Go outside on Christmas Eve and sprinkle this at night to nourish Santa's reindeer on their long and chilly flight. On Christmas when you wake up in the morning you will find the toys, treats & treasures that Santa left behind."

Can’t decide which one to take home to share, don’t worry, while supplies last it is buy two get one FREE!

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