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Monday, January 18, 2016

Mild winter means #fatsquirrelseason

Photo by Gloria Manna: “This Squirrel wasn't afraid of me,
but sat on the tree branch until I was almost touching his face.
I took several shots of this very fat Squirrel.”
From the Post:  Thanks to unseasonably warm winter weather, squirrels are fatter than normal this year, says evolutionary ecologist Dr. Andrew G. ­McAdam. Lack of snow makes it easier for them to sniff out food, and they have to expend less energy to keep warm. While they normally might be hunkered in a den this time of year, instead they just keep eating.

Social-media users have delighted in the nutty phenomenon, posting photos of tubby Rocky with hashtags such as #fatsquirrel and #fatsquirrelseason.

McAdam says the squirrels should suffer no ill effects because of the added weight and will naturally lose the extra pounds by spring. 

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