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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oriole jelly feeder

I don't know if I have orioles. Is there a beginner feeder that is cheap so I can just try it out? I would love to see an oriole in my yard!

Baltimore Orioles are found in open woodland, forest edge, orchards, and stands of trees along rivers, in parks, and in bird friendly backyards. Planting native trees that flower in the spring is one way to attract the attention of an oriole flying over. Baltimore Orioles seek out nectar from flowering trees in the spring and ripe fruit in the summer. Planting bright fruits and nectar-bearing plants, such as crab apple, cherry or pear trees, or raspberries, native honeysuckles, cross vines and trumpet creepers, can attract Baltimore Orioles year after year.

You can also appeal to an oriole’s sweet tooth by putting out orange slices or BirdBerry™ Jelly.  Wild Birds Unlimited has a variety of inexpensive dish or tray feeders that can be filled with fruit or jelly.

One of our most popular beginner feeders is the Oriole Flower Feeder. Orioles can feed from the orange bowl or orange halves.

This flower feeder has a dual purpose, small bowl for grape jelly and two pegs for orange halves. Just sit back and watch the birds flock your feeder. Feeder is powder coated black with an ornamental jewel hanging from the center.
  • Small feeder to hang anywhere
  • Looks like a flower but serves as a feeder
  • Cup will hold jelly or mealworms for Orioles
  • Pegs for orange halves
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