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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Greenish brown bird with white eye-ring and whiskers

Acadian Flycatcher by William H. Majoros
The Acadian flycatcher is a small greenish-brown flycatcher, around 5 inches. It has olive upper parts with a white or grayish throat, grayish and white breast, yellowish belly and under tail. It has a distinct white eye-ring and wing bars.

As summer resident in the southern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, their peak arrival date is the beginning of June. They migrate from South America through the Caribbean and Mexico to reach their breeding habitat in deciduous forests, often near water.

You are not likely to find them at a feeder. They like to nest in our swampy woodlands foraging on insects, berries and small fruits. You can look for their sloppy looking cup-shaped nests in beech or maple trees.

The Acadian flycatcher is an excellent flyer and very good at maneuvering while in flight. It can hover, fly backwards and even flies when it is taking a bath. It dives into the water and then returns to its perch to preen.

Their distinctive "peet-sah" or "tee-chup" songs can be a great identification tool when trying to distinguish them from other Empidonax species, but these songs can vary depending on the time of day.

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