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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Modern bird bath

Water will attract all species of birds and during the hot and often dry conditions that make up the “dog days of summer," you will be doing your birds a big favor by providing them with a reliable source. You will benefit by getting a front row seat as birds drink, bathe and preen. Also, it is often the first stop for parent birds to bring their fledglings!
Hellow, my pretties. Bath time!

The simplest bird bath that we have at the Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) store in East Lansing, MI is the WBU Tall Decorative Birdbath designed to hold one of our 14" or 20" WBU plastic birdbath bowls. The black powder coated steel stand has three legs with curved ends. It is designed to sit on top of soil, grass, gravel, a deck or patio. You can choose from 3 bowl colors; sandstone, terra cotta, or dark green. These modern bird baths take into consideration everything a bird needs in a bath. The bowls have easy perching edge and a textured bottom for a secure feeling as birds travel down a gradual dip to the perfect 2" deep middle bath. It's also easy to clean and in the winter you can add a heater or switch the bowl to a heated bird bath.

Our WBU birdbaths offer you ease and flexibility and bring you many hours of enjoyment.

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