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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Photo Share: A curious red cardinal bird

The male Northern Cardinal is perhaps responsible for getting more people started in bird feeding. Cardinals prefer to feed on the ground so if you can "raise the ground" by feeding cardinals on tray feeders, hopper feeders or any feeder that gives them a comfortable feeding position that allows them to face their food, they'll be happy. Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide variety of cardinal friendly feeders and food. Their favorite foods are sunflower, nuts, safflower and fruit.  
Cardinals' short, heavy, reddish beaks crack tough seeds. The grooved upper mandible holds the sunflower seed while the sharp-edged lower mandible moves forward and crushes and husks the seed. Their diet consists mainly (up to 90%) of seeds and fruits. They also eat some insects and feed their young insects almost exclusively.

Thank you Mark for sharing your photos! If anyone else would like to share a photograph of nature send it to bloubird@gmail.com with a description and permission to post it on the Friday Photo.

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