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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bay-breasted warbler pictures

Photos via Wikimedia
In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and further north into Canada, the Bay-breasted Warbler breeds in old-growth spruce and fir stands. Their summer diet is made up of Spruce Budworms, beetles, flies, moths, cankerworms, and other destructive insect pests. Population fluctuations can be tied budworm outbreaks. Their diet switches over to an almost all-fruit diet when they winter in Panama and Colombia.

During migration, many songbirds aren’t as finicky about their habitat preferences as they are when they’re breeding. For some birds, any place with available food, water and shelter will do for a pit stop during spring migration.

The Bay-breasted Warbler migrates at night during favorable weather, especially clear nights with a following wind. Look for them from the end of August to mid-October at your suet feeders or foraging in the trees for insects. Bay-breasted Warblers will also consume berries of the Virginia creeper and mulberry and fruits of the dogwood.

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