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Thursday, September 29, 2016

No-Mess Seed Cylinder will entice a variety of birds

People have been asking for a large No-Mess Seed Cylinder ever since they came out with the medium cylinders. No-Mess Seed Cylinders entice a wide variety of birds up close and keeps them at the feeder for awhile as they work to release a seed held together with gelatin. This heavy cylinder should last a very long time; a very good thing if the Farmer’s Almanac is right about the upcoming extra snowy winter.

Benefits of our No-Mess Seed Cylinders!
*100% No-Mess!
There are no shells, so you will have no plant growth beneath your feeder from fallen seeds!
*100% Waste Free!
No shells = More Food! Every crumb will be eaten with No-Mess!
*Attracts a Wide Variety!
This seed cylinder is a mix of seed, mixed nuts and fruit to draw in all types of birds!
* It's Packed Tight!
Birds have to do a little work to pick off the seed allowing longer views of your birds!

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