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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Will the Gray Jay be the new symbol of Canada?

Canada has a national arboreal emblem (the maple tree), a national horse (the Canadian), two national sports (lacrosse and hockey) and an animal (the beaver) that is a national symbol. But in nearly 150 years as a nation — and despite the fact that 450 avian species have habitat in Canada — an official national bird has never been named.

Three of the five birds with the most votes are already official provincial birds, including the common loon in Ontario, Quebec’s snowy owl and the black-capped chickadee in New Brunswick. The gray jay, commonly known as the whiskey jack, and the Canada goose round out the top five.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is convening a panel of experts on September 19, 2016, to advocate for the declaration of a National Bird and to debate which species they believe are most worthy of the honor.

Source: http://nationalbird.canadiangeographic.ca/
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