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Monday, October 31, 2016

Carolina wren sleeping on porch

I noticed a Carolina Wren sleeping under my porch. I want to keep it around this winter. I looked it up and it said it eats bugs. Do you know anything about feeding them?

In the summer Carolina Wrens eat a ton of bugs and in the winter they frequent feeders more often as they switch their diet over to more suet, nuts, seed cylinders and mealworms. They can be attracted to your feeders by providing a brush pile close to your feeding area. I have a pine tree and a bushy viburnum to give the birds cover. They feel more secure with a place to seek refuge nearby.

Mid-Michigan Carolina Wrens' do not migrate but are very sensitive to cold weather. Severe winters result in a marked decline in their numbers. Having a known source of food (a birdfeeder) is essential for providing wrens with the energy, stamina, and nutrition they need to survive.

They also need a protected place to sleep. I have a wren house that provides shelter from bad weather and a place to sleep. Roosting pockets near the house have also been successful in providing little shelters, much like birdhouses, where the birds can roost and hide from the wind chill. The combination of houses, roosting pockets and bird feeders during the fall and winter is one sure way to keep Carolina wrens in your area.

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