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Friday, October 7, 2016

Photo Share: Ruby-crowned Kinglet visits feeder

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo taken outside Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing, MI
Keep your eyes open for a little bird that flutters in the pines. It's time for the Ruby-crowned Kinglets to pass through mid-Michigan on their way to the southern and southwestern United States and Mexico for the winter. These teeny, tiny birds make the chickadee look big!

They forage actively in trees or shrubs, mainly eating small insects and spiders, some berries and tree sap. They may hover over a branch while feeding and sometimes fly out to catch insects in flight. They flash their little red crest occasionally when agitated or in display.

They often come to birdfeeders if you feed suet, or a blend with nuts like the Wild Birds Unlimited No-mess Blend.

Little groups of kinglets usually migrate by night, so you may wake up to discover your yard is a migratory stopover for the birds to rest and feed in evergreen tangles during the day. They are well camouflaged but sometimes betray their presence with lovely alto songs and flashing wing movements and hops like they are buzzing on caffeine.

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