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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Vultures migrating

Live in Woodhaven Michigan, along the Detroit River/Lake Erie and bordered by the I-75 corridor.Just witnessed thousands of vultures migrating toward Ohio, literally thousands. Too many to count and they keep coming.

Turkey Vultures ride thermals in the sky. Migrating flocks can number in the thousands. You can see them flying through Michigan on their way south until November.

Some Turkey Vultures in the southern United States are year-round residents. Birds in the northeast migrate short distances southward, to North Carolina through Louisiana. Western birds migrate much farther, with large numbers (more than a million) moving through Central America and in some cases as far as Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Once only a southern US bird, by the 1960's they had extended their breeding range into Michigan. The popular theory is that the interstate highway system increased the availability of food in the form of roadkill.

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