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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Why birds don't crash into each other in the skyway

Do birds follow rules in the skyway to prevent head-on collisions with each other? This question was answered recently when scientists pointed budgerigars at each other in an air tunnel. They found that birds have evolved a simple way to avoid mid-air collisions by always veering right and changing altitude. 

“We have investigated how birds avoid mid-air collisions during head-on encounters. Trajectories of birds flying towards each other in a tunnel were recorded using high speed video cameras. Analysis and modelling of the data suggest two simple strategies for collision avoidance: (a) each bird veers to its right and (b) each bird changes its altitude relative to the other bird according to a preset preference. Both strategies suggest simple rules by which collisions can be avoided in head-on encounters by two agents, be they animals or machines. The findings are potentially applicable to the design of guidance algorithms for automated collision avoidance on aircraft.”

Source:  http://discovermagazine.com/why-dont-flying-birds-ever-run-into-each-other

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Mike said...

This is, of course, evidence that driving on the right side of the road has a natural basis, as opposed to the unnatural custom in Britain.