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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New bird under the feeder with a white crown

I saw a cool sparrow today! The large bold black and white stripes on the head of the White-crowned Sparrow brightens any fall day. They  nest in the upper parts of Canada but migrate through mid-Michigan in the first couple weeks of November. They end up spending the winter below Michigan, over much of the continental U.S. and Mexico. 

White-crowned Sparrows tend to visit feeders early and late in the day. They enjoy millet and also will eat sunflower chips and peanuts. Wild Birds Unlimited No-mess blend would be a perfect seed choice. They tend arrive with a half dozen other sparrows to rest, reload and take off again in a few days. While migrating, their average travel distance is about 70 miles per day.

You may hear the birds before you see them. Birders describe their song as "poor-wet-wetter-chee-zee".
Making a brush pile in your yard is another good way to encourage this species to spend more time in your yard.
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