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Monday, January 2, 2017

Take notice of the titmouse

One of my favorite birds, the Tufted Titmouse, is a cousin to the also friendly and popular chickadee. They are seen more often at the feeders during the winter when the insect population declines, their preferred food. At the feeders they pick out the peanuts and sunflower seeds in my Wild Birds Unlimited No-mess seed blend and dainty little bites from the peanutbutter suet cake.

To help them survive the winter these sociable gray birds hang out with the chickadees, nuthatches, Brown Creepers, and woodpeckers. This little community of birds is called a Tree-foraging guild because they exploit the same set of resources in a similar manner, but are not necessarily related closely taxonomically.

Males and female titmice form pairs that persist until the death of one of the mates. The titmouse family bond is so strong that the young from one breeding season will often stay with their parents long enough to help them with nesting and feeding duties the following year. They are fairly confident birds and can be trained to come at the sound of human voices and take food from their hands, though not as easily as the black-capped chickadees. 

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