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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February is National Bird Feeding Month

February is National Bird Feeding Month because it is one of the most difficult months in much of the U.S. for birds to survive in the wild. And February 17-20, 2017 is The Great Backyard Birdcount (#GBBC). That is a citizen science project where everyone can take 15 minutes to count what birds they see in their yard and submit their observations to gbbc.birdcount.org.

Invite nature to your backyard by filling bird feeders with fresh, high fat, high protein foods. Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide variety of seed, suet, seed cylinders, mealworms, and more.

Using a heated birdbath and adding bird houses helps create an oasis for birds which in turn brings a welcome flash of color, dash of motion and splash of sound into the backyard, particularly during long Michigan winters. 

Backyard bird feeding is an entertaining and educational pastime that can be enjoyed by children and adults. It provides a needed stress relief and brings families together.

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