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Friday, February 17, 2017

#GBBC: #Photo Contest

Take a look at some of the 2016 GBBC photo contest winners! 
                     Overall                                                                          Behavior                                         Composition
The Great Backyard Birdcount has a Photo Contest that celebrates the beauty and diversity of wild birds seen during the count from around the world. Images will be judged in six categories. You choose which category you want your photo to be judged. Check out the Updated Photo Contest Rules.

Overall: top-notch in all respects—composition, lighting, clarity
Habitat: a bird or birds are in the photo, but the habitat is an equally important part of the picture
Behavior: birds in action—eating, drinking, bathing, fighting, flying
Group: multiple birds, from a few to massive flocks
Composition: a pleasing arrangement of all the features within the photo
People: people watching birds in cities, forests, parks, backyards, anywhere

To be considered for the contest, photos must be uploaded separately with a link on the GBBC website home page which will appear when the count begins. http://gbbc.birdcount.org/

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