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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Handmade Heartwood bird house masterpieces

Bluebirds were there to welcome the first settlers of Plymouth Colony, who called them blue robins. Now you can return the hospitality by putting up a Bluebird Manor. This Heartwood home built from solid cypress features a stone-washed shingled roof, solid copper trim and hinged front door for east access, viewing and cleaning. It has excellent floor drainage and roof ventilation, with mounting paddle for easy hanging.

All Heartwood homes are built in a small, friendly town of Star, Mississippi. The company specializes in architecture for the birds using cypress as the wood. In addition to boasting a beautiful grain and coloring, cypress is naturally rot and decay-resistant, as well as naturally regenerating. When a tree is harvested, the stump automatically regenerates a new sapling; saplings also sprout from the root system of a healthy adult tree. While this helps protect cypress from over cutting, Heartwood takes the extra step of purchasing only cypress that has been harvested in accordance with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) guidelines and use only short pieces of lumber, which would otherwise be chipped and burned. Even the chips and sawdust they produce as waste go into garden mulch, to deteriorate naturally and add nutrients to the soil.

Today, global warming and deforestation have put migratory songbirds in dire peril. At Heartwood, they’re committed to creating safe sanctuaries, with their homes and with green manufacturing that helps make the whole world safer and more eco-friendly for the earth’s most precious creatures.

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