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Monday, March 6, 2017

Fruit eating birds feasting

Over the last few days, I’ve been excited to come in to the Wild Birds Unlimited store because some of the apple trees that surround the store have become just right for the picking. Not by me.

The tree in front of the store was just vibrating with Cedar Waxwings, Northern Cardinals and American Robins. They paid no attention to me as they gobbled apples as fast as they could.

Later when I stopped gawking and went into the store I heard a crash on the window. A sound no bird watcher likes to hear. One of the waxwings in the flying flock didn’t make the corner and hit the window. I picked him up. He was a little guy with no wax on his wings yet. He was alert if a little wobbly. I thought maybe he ate some fermented apples. So I put him in a sunny part of the side garden. His friends watched from a tree above. He soon recovered and joined the flock again. It was a happy ending but thankfully I had emergency numbers at hand if I needed to call for help.

If you find an animal that seems to be abandoned or injured, call for expert advice first!

Only licensed wildlife rehabilitators may possess abandoned or injured wildlife. A list of licensed rehabilitators can be found by visiting http://www.michigandnr.com/dlr/ or by calling your local DNR office. Below are a few local numbers to call for help:
  • East Lansing, MI ♦ 517.351.7304 ♦ Cheryl Connell-Marsh ♦ birds and small animals
  • Lansing, MI ♦ 517-646-9374 ♦ Tiffany Rich ♦ white tailed deer, squirrels, raccoons; Vet. Tech. on center.
  • DeWitt, MI ♦ 517.930-0087 ♦ Wildside Rehab and Education Center ♦ birds and small animals
  • Eaton Rapids, MI ♦ 517-663-6153 ♦ Wildside Rehab and Education Center ♦ birds and small animals
  • Holt, MI ♦ 517-694-9618 ♦ Carolyn Tropp cctropp@aol.com ♦ Waterfowl, small birds and mammals
  • Howell, MI ♦ 517-548-5530 ♦ Howell Conference and Nature Center ♦ All wild animals except bats, skunks, starlings, raccoons, pigeons, or house sparrows.
  • Bath, MI ♦ 517-819-0170 (day) 517-641-6314 (evening) ♦ Denise Slocum ♦ Small mammals 
And if you are outside of Michigan:

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