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Thursday, March 9, 2017

How birds survive high winds and other harsh weather

Hi everyone, I've wondered for a long time how birds survive in high winds where trees have been blown down such as we had yesterday?

There are some advantages to being small. Songbirds may not be able to fly in the gale force winds we had in mid-Michigan yesterday but they can bend down to lock their toes on the protected side of the tree or seek shelter deep inside thick hedges.

Fortunately many birds can detect subtle changes in air pressure, which can indicate an approaching storm and prepare. So if they think they are going to have to hunker down for awhile, birds must stuff themselves with high fat, high energy foods to get them through the period of inactivity.

Make sure your feeders are full today too. The songs that filled the air at dawn were very reassuring. Even though there were trees down all over the neighborhood, the birds flocked to the feeders this morning to refuel.

A seed blend with sunflower seeds and peanuts is great to offer year-round. It has a high calorie/ounce ratio due to its high fat and protein content. At Wild Birds Unlimited that would be our most popular WBU No-Mess Blend or WBU Choice blend.

Suet or seed blocks are also great foods to offer. Suet is a high energy, pure fat substance which is invaluable when birds need many more calories to keep their bodies running stong. I would recommend our peanut butter suet.

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