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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Photo Share: and in NJ?!

This one is new to me. At first quick look, I thought I had a sick bird with yellow stuff on its tail. I am pretty sure I have never seen these in NJ. They LOVE berries, and apparently the same ones they like out your way. Thanks for your post!
Cedar Waxwings are one of my favorite birds! Mostly frugivorous or fruit eater, they will perch on a branch and pluck berries or hover in the air and grab berries. If the berries have fermented, the birds can actually get drunk. But their digestive systems are quick and the seeds of berries are eliminated within 45 minutes.

You might hear the waxwings before you see them. They have a very distinctive thin, high-pitched warbled "zeee" or "zeeet" call that is hard to forget. They travel in flocks of 40 or more birds and often will appear in a spot with a good crop of berries. When they have eaten all the berries, they move on.

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