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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why Bald Eagles lay their eggs in the winter

Hi, I have a question about Bald Eagles and was hoping you could help...Why do Bald Eagles lay their eggs during the winter months? Is there a specific reason? Thank you.
Good question. Eagles have to lay their eggs early so there is enough time to raise their babies before the next winter.

It takes eagles about 7 days to build or refurbish a nest. Then a few days to lay a couple eggs, and 35 days for incubation until they hatch. Then the young remain in the nest for about another 77 days until they fledge (fly from the nest). They still are not able to fly distances. With more and more practice to and from the nest and surrounding trees over the next 45 days they exercise their wings and gain experience in flying and foraging. That is a minimum of 5 ½ months in the breeding area. It is not until late summer, early fall that the eagle babies become independent.

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