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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why "sea"gulls hang out in the parking lot

Ring-billed Gulls via Wikipedia Commons
When I was cleaning up the garden in front of the Wild Birds Unlimited store, I heard the Ring-billed Gulls announce they were back. They were circling the Meijer Parking lot across the street making excited high-pitched, squeals.

Often called "seagulls", the Ring-billed Gulls tend to spend only the winters on coastal beaches in the south and then when spring rolls around they congregate inland around humans, at garbage dumps, parking lots, and freshly plowed fields. Ring-billed Gulls eat mostly fish, insects, earthworms, rodents, grain, as well as French fries and other food discarded by people.

Food, few predators, good perching spots on light posts, and heat thermals off the black parking lot that lift the bird so they can soar are some of the reasons they hang out in large parking lots.

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